BIG Attack! (self​-​titled debut)

by BIG Attack!

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released November 27, 2006

recorded at Technical Ecstasy Studios; Milltown, NJ
engineer: Christopher "Gobo" Pierce

Russell Golden: vocals, guitar
Michael Nardone: bass
Freddie Fingers (Brianna Johnson): guitar
Matt the Baptist: drums

music & lyrics written by Russell Golden



all rights reserved


BIG Attack! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Forward
Trained killer-
the far outreaching hand
of policy makers oceans away-
now face to face with a
young man just like me
A man with no answers who
only wanted to make the people
who loved him proud
Picked up a weapon
for his nation
but he couldn't pull the trigger
quicker than me

You give me no reason to spill his blood
You give me no reason to kill another man

You give me no reason to follow
Give me a reason to follow, follow you

You said we brothers, sons of liberty,
would bring justice like light to
the dark places in the world - slay tyranny
but we found no monsters here
only R.P.G.'s and cries for peace
and I know what you said,
but I don't believe that they
don't believe the same thing!

You said we have the light
You said we are the proper side
I say you send someone else to die
Track Name: Problem
Animal rights are a problem; appetites at stake
Creatures bred to be torturedl buzzsaws seal their fate
Pigs get there throats slit, cows are milked 'til they bleed
but I don't care where it comes from when it's on my plate

...and you know it's true!

Human rights are a problem, for commerce's sake
Ladies in Asia: twelve hours with no break
They work for pennies, and pity to put leather on your feet
but I don't care where it comes from when it matches my outfit sweet

...and you know it's true!

Natural rights are a problem but never one today
Unlimited growth vs. a limited resource,
unlimited want vs. a limited discourse,
and the means of procurement and production often function
on a level of perversion and destruction,
but I don't care where it comes from if it's fit for consumption

...and you know it's true!

You better find some compassion; search your head or search your heart
Tell you what you man: I don't care where it comes from, it's starting to become my problem!

...and you know it's true, but it don't change you!
you know it's real, but it don't make you feel!

One-thousand consequences can escape our minds
One-thousand little deaths we cause, but we don't see it
and we don't change
and we don't change, we don't change
what I gotta say to get through to you?
Track Name: Aswego Asdego
Profits and margins and markups and channels
and dollar signs and bottom lines all hide the fact
that the fat cat's fat on the blood, sweat, tears, fears
of underpaid, under-fed men and women and children that make
the labor force of distended nations that cower down before us!

As we go, as they go down in the ground to be buried in thier work!

As we go walking in line - go grab a cuppa joe, don't ya know -
seek and ye shall find: As we go, as they go

As we hold a candle for all the merchants
and barons and slave owners before us
as we go, as they go
never look back, don't you look back!
The rice rice fields, the diamond mines,
the sugar plantations - all indications that
money talks - it always has
put up or shut up

As we go walking in line - on demand: rape the land, take the man
after all this time, it's criminal
As we go, as they go

And we go, as they go, on the path of least resistance:
Horizontal escalator; do as commanded
To polite to call it bondage; signed, sealed, and branded
The money goes, and it shows how it goes, and it knows that it
shows as it goes that it's a killer!

It's a killer!

...and this is the killing floor!
Track Name: Cold Hearts
Sometimes you gotta do what's right by you, and
sometimes I understand there's more important
things out there than me, than you, than everyone
and you can't help but fight for them

Sometimes the world can be a hateful place, and
it took you down; you were so young, it's just not fair
What about what I wanted: for me, for you, for everyone?
You broke our hearts and left us here!

This is for them: hopelessly hero we don't understand
even if we never see the world make their amends, oh well,
this one's for them

And I wish I could say the world is now a better place,
and I wish I could say that you made a difference,
but people are dying and children are crying to keep the
flags flying and where are you now?

And I'll say it now: I would'nt have had it any other way but,
sometimes I miss you so bad I just wanna be dead
If you had another chance, you'd throw it all away
for this merciless world with cold hearts, cold hearts

We can't be afraid to step out of line!
So what what others think, what others think is what got us here!
I know it feels like we're gunna stand up to get beat back down but,
sometimes you gotta do what's right by you!

Jordan Feder, say no more!
Track Name: First Son
Soldier, || Step in line
face front, || Not at ease
state your name || Kill for fun
and where you're from || Kill for God

Killers || With no face
are not machines || built in court
when they believe || accountable
in the cause || to no God

Raised on guns and bombs and overkill,
Armed Service seems to be the id's backdoor;
the joke's not lost on me

and oh! we ask. they tell.
and oh! oh for shame!
if we really believed, we wouldn't do the things we do in the Name

Tell us || As world grows
the word || your mind shrinks
we found no || they've brought the word
answers in law || to your door

Tell us || manufactured
the word || hysteria
we believed || what you see
in the façade || is not what is

Tell us || it's a cancer
the word || there's a cure
tell us the name || build you up
of your God || break you down

Everybody's out to get to,
everybody's out to get to you!
We have minds but we believe the box
the joke's not lost on me

and oh! we ask. they tell.
and oh! oh for shame!
if we really believed, we wouldn't do the things we do in the Name

What you see is not what is

Beasts and boils || Invite killers
locusts, frogs || into your home
the river turns || cancer's free
to blood || cure will cost

pestilence, vermin || such short time
hail and darkness || so much pain
killing of || sense of humor
the first born || all but lost

Science grants build germs in labs for war!
never thought to make a weapons-grade cure;
the joke's not lost on me

and oh! we ask. they tell.
and oh! oh for shame!
if we really believed, we wouldn't do the things we do in the Name
Track Name: Gravedancing
The lights go out; fuse box explodes
pop the cork, a little too drunk to change modes
The city blinked; it's new disowned spill out into the roads
start fires, banging on trash cans -- ward off ambitions of men, and that
wakes the children, dark and cold, so they put 'em in the clothes
that they put on in the snow
then the snow blankets all
maybe we'll sleep again, sometime tomorrow
but certainly not tonight

Got the rooftops shaking and cellar doors are
opening and emptying their stores
but they don't mind; you get your bowl
when your done with the shovel or patrol
No sirens, no gunshots, no smoke out of control
but the old folk got that look like
they're waiting for the other shoe to drop
and when it drops I hope you got your head
It's no vacation, but I know you're pleased,
cuz these strangers don't seem stranger than that
thumped out junky kitchen beat

Gotta say, I'm not so lucky

Here the state was not caught unaware and I'm broken down, broken out
Blood on mah hands, I couldn't so it again so I'm stolen out, broken out,
but look it -- make a mah salt-shaker, try to shake out the blood
you must be ten-thousand volts, mah electric killer queen bee

All I got in mah pocket is the keys to rubble
and mah lucky five, but that ain't for spending
and a half-pint bottle snuck its way in there;
I can't hold mah whisky, but I can hold yours
and a picture with a note on the back from mah love
"hope you're excited, I hope you're dancing,
cuz my love knows who you are"

don't cry, don't you cry
don't cry mah lioness

Mah broken hand, this dusty road
and a feeling that I don't wanna be killing
and it makes mah legs go but mah mind don't feel so sharp
can't make sense of direction
all the names are Indian, I don't know what they mean
and if it don't got palm trees, brother got palm trees
it looks like jersey to me
Hope you're excited, I hope you're dancing
cuz mah love knows who we are

What will they they find recorded in the wreckage of our time
when who we're not is who we are?
Mah broken hand, a broken nose, a broken heart, some broken prose
broken promises on this dusty road;
this is who we are
Track Name: Moneylenders
The merchants are in the temples
the flock is in desire
I got this gadfly in my ear
we're gunna set your wares on fire

Tell us no more of what we've seen before;
we've got it, set it, heard it, read it
Got it, set it, set us to burn

Art lost its erection; its subversion and the fire
The teller's tale is up for sale, and tells us who's the buyer

Tell us no more of what we've seen before;
we've got it, set it, heard it, read it
Got it, set it, set us to burn

Set us to burn; the world is on fire
false what you earn; softly said it,
know we meant it -- no, you can't stop it now

Now we serve a cancer of the imagination wild
Your band name brand name bankable same-same
I see dollar signs

* * *

Where is the fire?
Burned all inside for a quick buck, or two, or
one, two, three, for every soul a piece to be sold
for every feeling wrenched from you gut, a dollar changes hands
but moneychangers won't let me change my currency
Track Name: Last Best Chance
Peace is a mirage in the desert of dust and bone
our own contentment; heat vapors off a master plan
and the lingering sense of revolution in no god's name!
I can feel the cool of the water, but I gotta tell you brother:
You can't win! All the pieces are scattered.

Peace is a barrage of decadent advertising,
pay-per-view content, very well controlled discontent
And I don't want what you want me to want
I know that you've got a place for people like that

You can't win! All the pieces are scattered.

The truth is found in the desert of America, buried under lies-
and we fight for crumbs from the table!
You can't win, no matter how you try.

You can't win! All the pieces are scattered.
Track Name: Do The Things You Want Come In Boxes?
There is a master switch || It's killing you
in the base of your skull || telling you what to do
it is turned on || you think you can read
by things in boxes || between the lines
There is a master switch || you think you can watch
in your bottom-most chakra || between the channels
it is turned on || but believe me
by things in boxes || the message is getting through

It is spectacle
hardly credible
highly edible
almost tastes medical

and they count on you to sit, I said they count on it
with both hands and feet, and as you watch, they watch you
become the product -- most regrettable

and we believe the box, I said we believe it
with both ears and eyes, and we learn about ourselves at
it's base: you are the product

It is killing you
telling you what to do
What do I like? What do I buy? What do I feel?
I do not know what I know past what I'm told.
I don't what thoughts are my own, and I'm willing to admit it.

...and there are bags for the boxes.
Track Name: Walking Man's Blues
When did I close the book for the last time?
Prolly around the same time that
I stopped meeting people and started meeting types of people,
prolly around the same time that
I saw you stray from the path and pretended not to notice
You wanted to save the world, man
I said I'd be your Judas*
Our last conversation was another ring back on the pine,
you wanted your soul back!
Now we spend our time apart sharing life on the run

A little song about life on the run

These streets weren't built for no walkin' man
I always thought that was illegal or sumthin'
I think they're tryin' to tell me sumthin'!
You know my toes are all froze!
No hat; one glove; wet socks; no home
but the swerving headlights of pickup trucks,
and the fiery glances of their drunk drivers
are enough to keep me warm...

and the Lord knows that it's my white skin
that's gunna get me through this town

Give thanks for borrowed floors,
known love behind close doors;
I've kept my hands soft, but
goddamn my feet are strong!

Only this here guitar knows what I've got left
What have I got left?
Where's home when you got no heart?
The open road, a good place to start to find out
I want my soul back!

Punk-house basements are unkempt places but
a good place to warm your feet
and let cocaine race through these collapsed veins
God, I wanna feel this heart beat

and I don't mind seeing you cry,
just don't wanna hear your poetry

and I won't die 'til my pen runs dry,
no I won't! No!

Remember are the lonely places?
I know the feeling, but I cannot place the faces
Oh! I long for the road!
We're gunna run out west 'til we run outta west
'til we got no place, 'til we got no place to go
'til there's nowhere left to run
life on the run
only my guitar knows what I've got left for a soul!

* from'The Last Temptation of Christ', not 'The Bible'
Track Name: Keep Us Apart!
...gunna keep us apart! I know.

...gunna keep us apart! I know.

You don't need to know the words to sing!
You don't need to know hardships to know these are hard times!
You don't need to know about these things, they only gunna keep us apart!