Listen To It Twice

from by BIG Attack!

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I don't have much to teach, but I'll tell you what I know:

I know good kids afraid
to bring kids into this world
Never figure they can give 'em somethin'
Little love, it ain't enough

I know people with dreams
but they cannot find the time
Feelin' like they live their lives for nothin'
Little somethin' ain't enough

I know people whose goals
are to be happy and comfortable
When I ask 'em how it's goin' (same ol', same ol')
never seem to have much goin' (same ol', same ol')

I know
if you don't put your chips on the table,
then all your bringin' home is
same ol', same ol' (same ol', same ol')
same ol', same ol' (same ol', same ol')

I don't have much to say but what I found to be the truth:

It's no wonder so many believe that
this ain't the only life we get a shot at;
past lives or a here-ever-after,
or lessons learned; whichever you'd rather

We leave so much
unfinished business behind,
so many chances lost to
timing or circumstances

Things we think are meant to be,
and could be
if decoupled from time
Then you regret a thing,
that's no way to live your life

I don't have much to give but a bit of advice:

When they say you can be
anything if you work hard,
and you find out it's a lie
remember that you
never heard that from me

I say you are what you are
and that's all you gonna be child,
but if you do it right
you'll have more than
most of these jokers ever get

Keep good time, draw
your lines fine,
make your colours bolder
Live like a soldier, but
don't take orders from no-one

I don't have much to be sorry for

I never thought that
when I'd said good-bye
it would be to the mother of mah child;
a little lovin' was enough

Never meant to be cruel,
though I didn't think it was
really up to me, life is cruel, ya know?
Can't be with you; ain't a bad thing,
even though it might be a tough thing

I know
this'll be the hardest thing to hear,
but I don't regret a thing
When your done cryin',
read through this ONE MORE TIME

I don't have much, but what I've got is yours;
don't expect it to be what your wantin', but
sometimes sumthin' better than nuthin'

Try to get what you can --
this ain't nothin' to hold onto
then throw it away, and I promise that
I'll give you somethin' else to remember me by

I know...
or maybe I don't!
but baby,
Don't regret a thing (that's how you get old),
or be afraid to make mistakes (that's how you learn),
love every risk you take (that's how you live good),
and try to live your life like you are gonna die!
[That's how to live your life; best start to live your life]

If it's your second time through,
I guess I'll say good-bye.


from Listen To It Once, released November 27, 2010
Music written by Christopher Pothier
Lyrics & Arrangement by Russell Golden



all rights reserved


BIG Attack! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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