Simple With Desire

from by BIG Attack!

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A song about conspicuous consumption disguised as a love song.


You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
Antharax-filled lust-laced dirty bomb
gunna light mah way in these dark times

You put mah feet into the fire
and all I needed was a light
Put it where you need it, and believe it when I mean it
you better accept it in your bosom like Christ

Cuz ain't you tired of findin' sumthin' that looked better on the shelf?

I heard they're makin' love a Thing
I thought I might give it a try
So stop me now, or don't stop me at all!
cuz it's a seller's market and I'm lookin' to buy

You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
Girl, your hand is so steady
got three dice on the ready, won't you
make me someone tonight?

You put mah feet up to the fire
when all I needed was a light
I'll be your Velveteen Rabbit,
but let's not make it a habit cuz they're...
cuz they're pickin' at mah eyes!

So are you tryin' to find sumthin' that used to be up on the shelf?

Don't want you to see me grow Old;
thought you might put up a fight
When your livin' in a coffin, girl,
the mornings are so dark but the...
but the nights are so bright

I'm lookin' for a taste of Truth;
just a peek at the Grand Design
You got your finger on the button
Tongue flickin' mah trigger, but the
occasional wink would be fine

C'mon and treat me like a Thing
really don't even have to try
cuz I put the collar on mahself
then mahself up on the shelf
feel like a liar, but I ain't tellin' you no lies!
You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
I know that you need complication
but just a little vacation would be...
well, wouldn't it be just so nice?

So if your tryin' to find sumthin', maybe try lookin' for your self!

You make me simple with desire
May be limerence, may be life
And I know that you know that I know
never to press mah luck cuz I'd
rather wait for the surprise!


from Listen To It Once, released November 27, 2010
Russell Golden: guitar, vocals
Christopher Pothier: guitar, bass
Matt the Baptist: drums

Music & Lyrics by R. Golden



all rights reserved


BIG Attack! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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