Listen To It Once

by BIG Attack!

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released November 27, 2010

Chris Pierce: engineer, backups, percussion
Russell Golden: vocals, guitar, bass (1, 7, 9)
Christopher Pothier: guitar, bass (2, 5, 8)
Michael Nardone: bass (3, 4, 6, 10)
Matt the Baptist: drums (1, 3-10)
Bucky Cornwell: drums (2, 11)
Stephen Egerton: mastering at Armstrong Recording; Tulsa, OK
recorded at Technical Ecstasy Studios; Milltown, NJ

2010 | BIG Attack! | M-26-7 Music



all rights reserved


BIG Attack! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Paper Tigers
Hungry ghosts with their eyes sewn shut, hand out-stretched; gunna take your soul!
Dem belly full yet ever-hunger; living damned say "damn they live" (rightly so, rightly so)
Drown you in papers and letters, summons and late fees and figures
I wanna make with this predication;
all you please take note: I am not afraid of no paper tigers that Babylon send!

Loopholes in the shadows of back-doors, muscle shows up on the front porch;
these jesters of conjecture write new rules at leisure
Demons of trivial, make the meaningful menial
I wanna break with this intonation;
all you please take note: I am not afraid of no paper tigers that Babylon send!

This is your life. The blue copy is mine. The pink copy is yours. The yellow copy is theirs.

They make want more than you want, and then they make you want more! and that is when
they've got you gotten, got it?
I am not afraid not to want any more, I'm gunna break with this incantation; all you please take note.

You come take mah home. I think, "was it ever mine?" They don't give what they can't take.
Lured by the line that you gunn' shelter I and I and mine. I said "Oh mah Lord! Tricky-tricky tricked us out of Paradise!"
Track Name: Hammer Come Down
Wonder why you never seen a revolutionary when they're old?
Maybe for a time they'll speak their mind;
now you see them...
now you don't

Wonder what compels them to be suicidally bold?
Maybe an elevated sense of self?
Or maybe,
just maybe,
They didn't know
that the nail that stick up is the one make the Hammer come down!

Hussein thought he sat under Master's table long enough
when a better behaved breed started slant-drilling for the scraps;
they'll call your bluff! Noriega coulda told you that

Ernesto expropriated from the South American cookie jar:
"Who me? Can't be!" "No flag is gunna fly without our finger in the pie.
You've gone too far!"
He didn't know
that the nail that stick up is the one make the Hammer come down!

Maybe they missed what Stalin meant when he said, "pick Trotsky's brain"!
Maybe they meant to get Mumia captured in a picture frame.
I mean, maybe they didn't know?

King marched onto Washington
singing "We've come for what we're owed".
Memphis sun set on a preacher's son
"Take mah hand, mah precious Lord"
Did you find what you was lookin' for?
Was it gunshots?
Made the heart stop.
You made the Hammer come down!

If you find your brewin' a crazy idea in your head
and your thinkin' 'bout takin' action,
you'll do good to remember what I said...

Want your last breath a gargle of blood
when your riddled with lead?
Or holding the hand of the one you love
in a comfortable bed?

...and you'll think twice!
Or even thrice!
Cuz now you know:
The nail that stick up is the one make the Hammer come down!
Track Name: What Have We Done?
We used to meet on the playground -- different kids from different towns,
and different backgrounds, but we'd settle our differences by bloody-ing noses and then we'd be friends
when they told us about the cotton, molasses, and slave ships
filled with great grand-parents of the 'other' kids
when we asked why they didn't look like us, the teacher said,
"that's the way it is!"
I didn't know what to do when mah friend Aaron told mah friend Herbert that he was a slave,
and maybe his ancestors owned his -- what a laugh!
Oh, wouldn't it be such a laugh?
Man, was I ashamed! But I was young and a coward so I sat silently, watched everything change
and when I asked mah older brother, "would it ever be the same?"
He said, "No, that's the way it is!"
And when Herbert go home with a blacker eye than he already got
and he pushes away the lovin' hand with the ice-pack and he starts to ball
and she already know, been back from down that road, but she bites her tongue
so she can hear her son
look up and say, "Momma, what have we done?"
I couldn't stomach the playground no more so I started lookin' somewhere else for answers
and then mah library told me about what was really goin' on back in 1493:
about the killin' and enslaving and the man with his own day was a thief and a whore
and that it's more likely America was discovered by a black man 4,000 years before!
When I asked mah principal "Hey man, why we don't teach it like this?"
he looked at me and said, "I don't know Russ...because that's the way it is!"
And when I go home with a whiter shade than I already got
and I throw down mah books cuz they's written by crooks and I start to ball
and she don't really know, never been down that road, so she holds her tongue
so she can hear her son
look up and say, "Momma, what have we done?"

History's written by the winners!
Most of those winners are sinners!
And they had guns, germs, and steels on their side!
That kinda luck shouldn't give you no pride!
I said that's the way it is, but it ain't the way it gotta be!
Track Name: So, Good People, What Did You Think Fascism Was Gunna Look Like?
Heard of a fair day's work for a fair day's share?
How 'bout a fair day's pain in mah back -- sounds fair!
I know good people tryin' to make ends meet,
workin' through the weekend just to stay on their feet

I used to believe in sumthin'
when it used to mean sumthin', but
I think we're TOO FAR GONE!
We're never gunna turn it around

Good people pay tax
Good people obey laws
Good people go to vote
Good people rally for a good cause
Good people see bad things happen all the time, then
Good people go to church and ask the Good Lord "why?"

Good people believe in sumthin', but
it don't mean nuthin', cuz
I think we're TOO FAR GONE!
We're never gunna turn it around

Good people listen in on other people's phone calls;
talkin' to their lawyer 'bout their civil rights, wouldn't ya know!
Good people put other people in the line of fire,
and they let 'em, cuz they don't believe good people lie!

If we are all such good people, then
won't someone tell me how the hell
we're so FAR GONE!?
We're never gunna turn it around
I think we're TOO FAR GONE!
We're never gunna turn it around

Did you really think fascism would look like anything besides good people with smiles?
Track Name: Cost Of Doing Business
No, I don't know why that
every single time that I go by
and see a fast food chain close, and take down its sign,
it kinda makes me smile

No, I don't know why that
every single time that I go by
and see a bus-stop advertisement that has gotten vandalised,
it kinda makes me smile

But, what I know
's that if you got a bow
and keep on pullin' back on it, and never let up lax on it
there's gunna be a BACKLASH!

So 'til I find
a target worth mah time
I'll keep on pullin' back on it, and never let up lax on it
until I hear it SNAP!

You must think I'm crazy
They think they gotta help me
But I don't think I'm crazy...

Even though I don't know why that
every single time that I go by
and see a little kid pushin' his own little shopping cart,
it makes me wanna cry.

And no, I don't know why that
every single time that I go buy
another pair of shoes, or something I'll never use,
it makes me wanna die.

And we all know
with no receipt to show
if you try to bring it back,
and know that even if it's wrapped up,
they ain't gunna give you cash back --

so 'til I find the receipt for mah time
I'll keep on tryin' to track it down
and stop being a lackey.
Now, I'm tryin' to take mah a mind back.


A lie on every surface far as I can see,
and a good spot costs a lot cuz they know where I be;
though I think I'm unique, and I think I behave random,
they can see mah pattern and make a product of me!

Society's a business far as I can see,
and the politicians and cops are in on the scheme;
protect and serve in the context of producers and consumers,
taxable items, and private property.

In times of old
I'd be hanged, burned or stoned;
a heretical thought
to try to live apart.
Man, I just don't want no part!

It seems a crime
that I value mah time
even more than cash and that
you better take some action,
or there's gunna be a BACKLASH!


And though I can see why
the sun goes up and down while I'm inside--
you say I'd do as I please
if not under lock and key,
but I don't think I like!

Because I don't know why,
or even how or from where you divine
the authority to oversee
and dominate another life --
I do not think it's right!

But what I know:
the pace in here is slow,
and I am in control of
mah hands, mah eyes, mah stance.

Oh, but I mind
I still wait in a line
for somethin' I'm not askin' for
but they insist I'm lackin', and it's
"Swallow, or feel the LASH!"

because now I see
not me
to re-integrate me
'gainst society
punish me--

As long as I
gotta soul,
I can try

A mind,
I can plan.

An eye,
I can see.

As long as I got feet,
I can stand.

Got a heart,
got a beat.

Take a breath and believe
as long as I dream,
I know I am a man...

...and you ain't gunna treat me like that! (No!)
I'll state it like a fact: (Yeah!)
If I feel mah freedom must be given back --
don't be mistaken -- I've allowed it to be taken!

The harder I'm thrown to mah knees,
Track Name: Red Night
Christ -- he was a man, I know for sure
a fine example of a man who could take no more,
but if I'm to believe there is a God of Man and Beast I'll
look to see what's in the hearts of everyone;

Lies: poison your ears, you can be sure;
Fear: it close your eyes and locks the door;
Greed: extends your hand and asks for more;
and the Belief that that voice is right


I don't believe, but I look up -- 'ts what I was told
I don't believe, but I was taught to think that sumthin's watchin' me
so I'm gunna still shout out! shout out! shout out!, and it's nice to
believe there's someone listenin'
I look up when I should look around.


What is justice if it's just us in the end to sort it out?
Would you change? No, I don't think you would!

And if I said that he don't see what you're thinkin', only what you do
would you change? No, I don't think you would!

And I'm tellin' you, they're gunna remind you that there's an after-life and this
one don't count, so look up and see what you want to see


Close mah eyes, steady mah hand, and hope mah selfish ways have been enough
to bask in your grace.
Track Name: Oh Yeah!
Come to a fork in that Long-Winding Road
you find yourself stuck in the middle!
you know you are, which way you go?
You know your heart said "alright", but your feet sayin' "no!"

If you got more time than money go: oh!
Get the joke but it ain't that funny: oh!
At the station but the train ain't comin': oh!
C'mon c'mon c'mon, everybody go: oh, no!

You've got a start; end writes itself
You find your stuck in the middle!
you know you are, which way you go?
Feel like I've know it forever, but I can't remember

If you got more time than money go: oh!
Sell the pills to pay the doctor's bills: oh!
Want for sumthin' but none of the frills: oh!
C'mon c'mon c'mon, everybody go: oh, no!

What must be done and what is right--
you find yourself stuck in the middle!
you know you are, which way you go?
Feel like I can conceive it, but I don't believe it!

If you got more time than money go: oh!
Filled the tank but the car don't run: oh!
At the circus but you don't like fun: oh!
C'mon c'mon c'mon, everybody go: oh, no!


If you got more time than money go: oh!
Got a gun but can't afford the bullet : oh!
Found a bullet, but no guts to pull it: oh!
C'mon c'mon c'mon, everybody go: oh, no!

They say "that's life!"
They say "it ain't fair!"
They say an awful lot of things not meant to get you here or there.
Burden draggin' you down? Feelin' like your feelin' low?
Can't make your mind up and feel all alone?
Well, come down and join us! We'll all be hangin' 'round
at the Fork in that Long-Winding Road
Oh Yeah!
Track Name: Simple With Desire
You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
Antharax-filled lust-laced dirty bomb
gunna light mah way in these dark times

You put mah feet into the fire
and all I needed was a light
Put it where you need it, and believe it when I mean it
you better accept it in your bosom like Christ

Cuz ain't you tired of findin' sumthin' that looked better on the shelf?

I heard they're makin' love a Thing
I thought I might give it a try
So stop me now, or don't stop me at all!
cuz it's a seller's market and I'm lookin' to buy

You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
Girl, your hand is so steady
got three dice on the ready, won't you
make me someone tonight?

You put mah feet up to the fire
when all I needed was a light
I'll be your Velveteen Rabbit,
but let's not make it a habit cuz they're...
cuz they're pickin' at mah eyes!

So are you tryin' to find sumthin' that used to be up on the shelf?

Don't want you to see me grow Old;
thought you might put up a fight
When your livin' in a coffin, girl,
the mornings are so dark but the...
but the nights are so bright

I'm lookin' for a taste of Truth;
just a peek at the Grand Design
You got your finger on the button
Tongue flickin' mah trigger, but the
occasional wink would be fine

C'mon and treat me like a Thing
really don't even have to try
cuz I put the collar on mahself
then mahself up on the shelf
feel like a liar, but I ain't tellin' you no lies!
You make me simple with desire
mah little 555, oh!
I know that you need complication
but just a little vacation would be...
well, wouldn't it be just so nice?

So if your tryin' to find sumthin', maybe try lookin' for your self!

You make me simple with desire
May be limerence, may be life
And I know that you know that I know
never to press mah luck cuz I'd
rather wait for the surprise!
Track Name: Get It Together!
Hell, every single song I know start out the same damn way:
Some dude walkin' down the street talkin' to the cats on the corner
and the chicks he meet
Where do you call home? I really wanna know!
Cuz mah street ain't nuthin' like a song:

Mrs. Walker and her husband at the doctor's every mornin', right next door
to the Johnson's, and their dog is always barkin';
the guy at 205 gets a check from SSI and he whistles and he hollers at the
girlies that go by; Ol' Dave is always drunk and he tries to sell his pills while
his woman's on the porch in tears whenever they get bills; the lady across the
street got a lot of mouths to feed, but she still tries to organise the summer block party;
Denise just turned 15, she waves as she pushes her baby down the street and Carol says
I make too much noise, so she don't really talk to me
Every day we're tryin' to get by, but it seems to me some people can't get it together!

And every single song I know end up the same damn way:
He gets the girl -- or he don't -- but he's at the bank cashing checks every day
cuz we line up and put our money down to hear about your magic street;
"his voice is so pretty", but the words are so ugly to me
they tell us sumthin' better, but they ain't helpin' people help get it together

What can you paint when the rent is late?
What can you sing when you get scared every time the telephone ring?
"Everyone just wants to be happy"
How's that going for you Jack?
Smilin' while you watch your back;
whose got your back?

It can't be that good forever, but it can be alright if people can get it together!

And when you G.I.T, help your neighbor G.I.T.; help your street G.I.T., help your 'hood G.I.T.!

They tell us there's sumthin' better, but they can't beat people just gettin' together!
I hope we people can get it together!
G.I.T: Get It Together!
It'll be alright! We can get it, together.
Track Name: Glorybound
taught me about a life worth livin'!
Said "If you get just one person to mourn you when your gone..."
he was thinkin'
when his church called on me and I left mah seat empty
him a thing a bout dyin'!
If your gunna start tryin'
don't wait 'til the day you GET OUTTA HERE

be a burden
His "foxy little thang" was gone 'fore I was one
to be forgiven
To say "I'm sorry"'d be a lie, we just don't see eye to eye
up and take mah lickin's
hold the line
and bide mah time for the day I GET OUTTA HERE

THEY SAY these streets are mean, but they're kind to boys like me:
Young and light-skinned and never in 'Nam
WE'D FLASH a smile to the pretty girls for a fin in the jar
and trade stock tips with humour-less snappy-dressed marks
ALL THE OLD folks scoffed that we weren't in class, but we had Scooter and Barclay and skinheads from Mass. CHALKIN' UP THE BOARD:
Long ball and short haul
BUT IN THE back of mah head was stickin': mah old man taught me 'bout a life worth livin'
YOU SPIT WHERE I make a killin'!
So I SAVE up mah pay
and make for a play toward the day I GET OUTTA HERE

IT'S NOT EASY to find, but so easy to lose-
that's how it is defined
YOU PICKED ME up back on mah feet -
then so quick to mah knees, kiss you hips if you please
FILLED the cupboards with mah fast hand
YOUR SECRET lover and your best friend
Felt so tender,
won't let end
but love don't make dem steel handcuffs bend

I guess that we both got greedy!
For some time,
I'll cry and I'll pine 'til the day I GET OUTTA HERE

gave me a good life lesson
said, "there's no-one gun' grieve over dead liars and thieves"
he'd be thinkin'
had he been there to see the judge call his son "guilty"
"throw that bastard to the lions
for all time, that's no son of mine" on the day I GET OUTTA HERE

I AM A PATIENT MAN and I'm willing to grow,
but the things you hear here ain't things you wanna know
HYPE SOME GREEN or show you are mean;
so keen to be hard, but ain't nuthin' so hard as this cot and those bars
WOULDN'T BE so bad if we could just play cards,
or smoke some cigarettes in the yard, but
I DON'T CARE when push comes to shove;
so read the charges again, they ain't stickin'.
MAH OLD MAN taught me 'bout a life worth livin'
and that sure as hell ain't in prison!
shorten mah stay, mah dues are all paid

SO HERE be I, strummin' guitar
Lo! The faces don't change in this rock n' roll bar
I CAME OUT to sing you mah life -- won't you listen?
To a verse about a life worth livin'?
SAVE YOUR MONEY for the bartender, I'll give you this song
Just please, mourn for me when I'm gone

I ain't long for this place
DON'T TAKE IT personal - it was mah time to waste
I'M GOIN' OUT - all mah dreams have been chased and backed down
to a corner bar where within all the old men talk about a life worth livin'
THOUGH AT TIMES I lived mah life like a villain, hope to see your face
after I've run mah race
AND HOPE THAT His Grace don't send me back to this place
and it'll be the day I GET OUTTA HERE
Track Name: Listen To It Twice
I don't have much to teach, but I'll tell you what I know:

I know good kids afraid
to bring kids into this world
Never figure they can give 'em somethin'
Little love, it ain't enough

I know people with dreams
but they cannot find the time
Feelin' like they live their lives for nothin'
Little somethin' ain't enough

I know people whose goals
are to be happy and comfortable
When I ask 'em how it's goin' (same ol', same ol')
never seem to have much goin' (same ol', same ol')

I know
if you don't put your chips on the table,
then all your bringin' home is
same ol', same ol' (same ol', same ol')
same ol', same ol' (same ol', same ol')

I don't have much to say but what I found to be the truth:

It's no wonder so many believe that
this ain't the only life we get a shot at;
past lives or a here-ever-after,
or lessons learned; whichever you'd rather

We leave so much
unfinished business behind,
so many chances lost to
timing or circumstances

Things we think are meant to be,
and could be
if decoupled from time
Then you regret a thing,
that's no way to live your life

I don't have much to give but a bit of advice:

When they say you can be
anything if you work hard,
and you find out it's a lie
remember that you
never heard that from me

I say you are what you are
and that's all you gonna be child,
but if you do it right
you'll have more than
most of these jokers ever get

Keep good time, draw
your lines fine,
make your colours bolder
Live like a soldier, but
don't take orders from no-one

I don't have much to be sorry for

I never thought that
when I'd said good-bye
it would be to the mother of mah child;
a little lovin' was enough

Never meant to be cruel,
though I didn't think it was
really up to me, life is cruel, ya know?
Can't be with you; ain't a bad thing,
even though it might be a tough thing

I know
this'll be the hardest thing to hear,
but I don't regret a thing
When your done cryin',
read through this ONE MORE TIME

I don't have much, but what I've got is yours;
don't expect it to be what your wantin', but
sometimes sumthin' better than nuthin'

Try to get what you can --
this ain't nothin' to hold onto
then throw it away, and I promise that
I'll give you somethin' else to remember me by

I know...
or maybe I don't!
but baby,
Don't regret a thing (that's how you get old),
or be afraid to make mistakes (that's how you learn),
love every risk you take (that's how you live good),
and try to live your life like you are gonna die!
[That's how to live your life; best start to live your life]

If it's your second time through,
I guess I'll say good-bye.